He is one of Virginia's Premier Martial Arts Masters.  Harden Sensei has trained in the martial arts since 1969 and holds advanced Black Belts in multiple styles and systems.  He is in several martial arts Hall's of Fame and numerous advisory boards for several martial arts programs. 


He is also a career military officer ~ with over thirty years in the Army - he is at this writing - A Full Bird Colonel and Senior Flight Surgeon.  Colonel Harden has served in numerous combat operations including: Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other locations during his distinguished military career. 


He has taught martial arts for Police, FBI, U.S Military and many foreign law enforcement groups.  A CDT Instructor (Combat Defensive Tactics) - he has lectured on close quarters, active shooter, tactical medicine and various martial arts in Canada, Europe and the Middle East.  Master Dane S. Harden was recently included in the "Who's Who of Martial Arts" - 2016 Edition. 

His Hall Of Fame Honors are numerous, but the most notable include: The Masters Hall of Fame in 2010 Awarded at Disney in Anaheim, California and the East Coast Martial Arts Hall of Fame awarded in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  He is also very proud of his admission into the "Joe Lewis Fighting System - Hall of Valor" which was chosen by his many peers.    


His direct instructors include: Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, Hanshi Kevin J. Blok, Shihan Dana Abbott, Grand Master Joe Lewis - (World Champion Kick Boxer and martial arts pioneer), Grand Master Jeff Smith - (World Champion Kick Boxer and martial arts pioneer), SFC Mike Echanois - U.S. Army, Combat Tactics Instructor. 


If your want seasoned, expert, practical real world experienced instruction - You've Found It !! 


Master Dane S. Harden ~ Get to know him by reading the dozens of published articles - numerous esteemed martial arts journals and sites ~ begin to understand why Master Harden is truly a highly sought after International Instructor...and best news of all...he is right here - In Abingdon Virginia!!


Black Belt Magazine, Aikido Journal, USA Dojo, JLFS and Martial University...what do they all have in common - Master Harden.


Western Masters is Making the world a safer Place - One Student at a time. 


Written By :

Dr. Pietro Marghella





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